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Denali General Contractors was established in 1983 and has maintained a balance of work in both urban and rural Alaska supporting public, private and non-profit clients making us one of the most experienced contractors in the state of Alaska. Denali’s is still managed by our original founders and key members of our management team have work for Denali for decades. Consistent management working on diverse project types across the state have provided a strong foundation for Denali to become one of the most competent contractors in Alaska.

In our three decade history we have completed over 80 projects totaling over $100 million in revenue. Working from Ketchikan to Kivalina and Slana to St. Paul island we have proven experience supporting projects with remote logistic needs. More than half of our projects have also been in urban centers working in a variety of market sectors.

We offer Pre-Construction Support including cost analysis and constructability reviews, traditional Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build and CM/GC. Some of our greatest successes have resulted from assembling a team of individuals to undertake a challenge:  

  • Establish mutual and realistic project goals

  • Develop a means to measure progress toward those goals

  • Identify each members roll with regard to strengths and weakness’s

  • Develop communication pathways for efficient relationships

  • Define success as a team with each member understanding their contribution to that success.

  • Build in a sustainable – green manner - always conscious of environment

Denali General Contractors - Company Profile
We look forward to each project and it’s opportunity to excel by building a team of partners that will provide the best quality work that achieves the owners needs at a fair price.
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